Welcome welcome welcome my lovelies:

Hi and welcome to my website.  Thank you for taking time out and giving me this opportunity to share what I do with you.

Ok so my about me page will have given you some background on who I am and what I do.  Now I would like to dive a bit deeper into my work and how it will help you with your healing journey.

I have always been attracted women who have had the need to be heard, to be seen and to be healed in the more deeper sense of the word.  From a young age, I can remember listening to my aunty, my nan and other female relatives and they asking me for guidance.

I took this same sense of connection when I trained as a counsellor and wanted to be the listening ear and guiding tongue to the women who came to me.  I gradually shifted into emotional healing.

Who I Work With:

I support daughters who are waking up from their slumber, I help daughters who have grown up and lived with the mother wound however now they are seeking to be healed.  They are seeking the true power of their being, they are looking for clarity, they want to purge their being of this negativity and low vibration.  My women, are waking up to their power and they are no longer being held hostage by the hurt.  They have decided to turn the hurt into their most powerful ally.

What I Do:

I can imagine you will have a million questions around what I do and if it works or not, well I don’t blame you.  I would also be bit wary of spending time with a stranger telling her all my life secrets.  You know what really made me cry once in a session?  It was the last session and my client said to me “I have told you things I would never tell me mother”.  Oh, no don’t take this the wrong way I am not asking you to share your secrets with me.  All I am asking is that you share your secrets with yourself.  My work is to heal you from within, show you the treasures you already have, shine my light on your darkness and show you the way to a stronger braver you. I work with clients by hearing their story, looking for clues they give me, helping them see these clues and complete the picture they have been holding.

What will it feel like after the work has been done?

The one way I know how to describe it, as I have often felt the same way when a client has finished her work with me is a burden has been lifted, coming up for air after being underwater.  Please don’t take my word for it here are what previous clients have told me after they have finished work with me:

“I have received so much benefit from seeing you. Thank you for the support you have given me to date. I was mentioning this to a colleague today. You have made me aware of myself in different ways. I appreciate the time you have given to me in each session”

“I was a bit sceptical at the start but once I started to work with Misbah I became very comfortable and it was very quick that I started to open up to her. She’s very patient and makes you feel at ease understanding your needs and problems without judging you. I would highly recommend her as she’s patient, understanding and very easy to talk to, counselling with her has really helped me thinking back on techniques she gave me when feeling anxious and on edge”

“Without the help from Misbah I would be struggling every day, feeling so angry, and useless, but instead I can say with conviction I am a woman! Strong, beautiful, happy and positive about my life!”

“Someone I was speaking to has been through a similar experience to me and said to them it felt like as if they were a drawing that had been rubbed out and stripped of colour until you could barely see the lines of the outline and to me that summed up how I felt perfectly. Initially I felt I was on 10-20% of being myself and the rest of me was just surviving and keeping my head out of the water. Over time I have managed to draw the lines back in and start filling it in with colour again. The colours aren’t quite the same as they were before they were rubbed out, but they are new and different and strong. I have you to thank for helping me find the lines and choose the new colours to go there”

So if you are ready to join me on this healing journey get in touch with me and we can chat on how I can help you x

Love and Healing