Never give up!

When I was working for a charity as a counsellor in 2014 my inner negative self-talk got the better of me, leading me to believe I wasn’t making any difference to anyone. Then along came a young woman who wanted to work with me. She had been in an abusive relationship...

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I am done running!

Fear is such a strong organism, it slowly eats away at our consciousness and we can’t even feel what it’s doing to us until it’s too late. This creature devours our dreams, our passions, our hopes, and our lives. The power it has over us is so malevolent, it renders...

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This is my first blog post ever. I have been thinking of writing and sharing my story, my journey, and my experience for as long as I can remember. So why have I chosen to start writing now? You may ask this question as you read more about me and my journey you will...

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My Gift to You