The nature of camouflage is to provide safety and security. Its nature’s way to protect the species from being eaten by predators. So standing out like a sore thumb can be a bit of problem in the jungle where fitting in is the only way to survive and thrive. Although the more I look around the more I see the ‘human jungle’ also reflecting. The need to fit in and be unnoticeable can be clearly seen when you walk through the morning rush hour and see hundreds of individuals blending into each other seamlessly.

This really complexes me and at times I had to stop myself from asking why do you want to be the same as the other person? Can you imagine the morning commute someone just jumping up and asking everybody on the train or bus whichever you use, why are you trying to be so similar to everybody else? I don’t think that would go down very well even if I had the best intentions in the world. The thing is as an Asian girl growing up I was repeatedly told to be like this aunty daughter, that aunty daughter and if you are Asian and reading this then I don’t have to really explain the concept of what an aunty is, however if you are unaware of this concept here it is; an aunty is not related to me, she is a friend of my mother, a friend of a friend of my mother or even better she is the cousin sister of the friend of my mother’s friends friend. Now that this concept is clear I can get back to my story. So this aunty who I didn’t really know was which one (numerous aunties) her super daughter is capable of baking elaborate cakes, exquisite curries and of course she Miss Universe for the twelfth year running!

You get the gist; I couldn’t possibly run in contention with this super girl! Although I had to try as I couldn’t run away from the comparisons, as running away from home is the worst thing I could do (that’s another blog). You see for me wanting to be individual with my OWN set of unique ‘talents’ was never enough. So in reality I was never enough, what a life message to give an Asian teenager who is already conscious about her appearance and self value. So you can imagine I was trying really really hard to fit in and be accepted but most importantly be liked. It didn’t go really well, as I couldn’t become the Zebra I was expected to be I had to be a Giraffe. So I didn’t get to be the Miss Universe as you can imagine. I am happy to be the Giraffe I truly am x

Have you ever felt the need to fit in? Did you feel like fitting in was to be lose your own self? How was your struggle and what did you learn?